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Inovani is a leading provider of interactive speech animation products.

inovani's key technology is an animation engine: a software only, state of the art rendering of talking expressive characters. These characters are programmed to present verbal (spoken) content with close to natural facial motions, and they include lifelike human head models, suitably modelled cartoon heads, “talking heads” or avatars. 

inovani's main products today is ASP-solutions for delivering talking heads. It includes interfaces to create ecards for email, video egreetings to mobile phones, fun and inspiring "inhabitants" in games, educations software and web-pages. More about these products here.

inovani enhances user value of communication devices through the use of innovative animation of talking expressive characters. inovani enables telecom operators, content providers and others to offer value added services, by offering platform independent products for interactive life-like animation of talking expressive characters.

inovani offers animation that can respond immediately to a user in a dialogue. Life-like speech movements can be generated directly from Text-To-Speech system output. inovani's core speech movement technology can be adapted to any language and any geometric description of a head, humanoid or not.

inovani's technology puts low demand on memory and communication capacity. This makes it ideal for situations with limited resources such as PDAs and cell phones communicating over low band-width or expensive links. The high quality of the animation also makes it ideal for PC, film and television productions.

inovani's products can be integrated with various applications; SMS, MMS and WAP services, Web-browsers, Ecards, games or specially targeted applications.

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